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Who are Warmer Roof?

Warmer Roof is our manufacturer. They provide the warmest roofs on the market. Their roof solutions are designed to be used as new sunroom extensions or as a replacement to your existing conservatory roof. 

The highly insulated roofs provide excellent thermal efficiency due to their unique and innovative honeycomb technology. Additionally, Warmer Roof provides pre-built pods, that are factory pre-assembled, allowing maximum installation efficiency. Their stunning showroom in Frome displays a variety of options.

Types of Conservatory - Gable End - Warmer Roof
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The Warmer Roof Factory

All Warmer Roofs are factory built and pre-assembled to ensure accuracy and fast installation. This not only reduces the time your conservatory has to be left open and exposed to the elements, but also minimises disruption and any mess created by on-site assembly.

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The Show Room

To view the Warmer Roof technology, let us book an appointment for you by filling in the contact form below. 

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How does it work?

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