Will a new roof really improve the temperature inside my conservatory?

Yes, certainly! The roof will considerably change the temperature making your room much warmer during the winter and cooler throughout the summer, allowing you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Will my old frame withstand a new roof?

Most likely. Our replacement roofs are more or less the same weight as a glass roof. In accordance with Government Guidelines, if the structure shows no signs of distress, the existing foundations are likely to be adequate to carry the small additional loadings. 

Will my new room feel darker inside?

Yes. A reduction in natural light will occur when replacing your existing roof. Adding fixed or opening roof windows with internal lighting will make your room feel bright and airy.

Will my new roof be strong enough to stand on to clean house windows?

Yes. Your roof is strong enough to stand on; however we advise on all health and safety procedures being carried out prior to doing so.

Can I make the appearance of my new roof blend in with my house?

Absolutely. You can customise your roof with a range of tile options, as well as gutter and fascia colours, to blend in perfectly with your existing home.

Will a new roof reduce the noise I can hear from outside?

Yes. The roof will substantially reduce external noise, as the roof insulation itself has acoustic performance properties. This considerable noise reduction will allow you to be more relaxed, especially during inclement weather.

Is condensation really a problem with other roof systems?

Yes. Condensation build-up within the roof structure can cause you endless problems down the line such as damp patches, leaks and plasterboard cracking. Our wooden structure combined with our exceptional thermal performance can be sure to put your mind at ease.

Do I need Building Control approval?

Not necessarily. Building Control is not mandatory; however, it is wise to consult with your local council as Building Control opinion can vary between local authorities. We use jhai, making Building Control less complicated as an approved roofing system is being used.