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No matter what type of Conservatory you have, Danke can provide you with a perfect replacement roof. Whether Edwardian, Victorian, P-Shape or Lean-To, we will make your conservatory feel like a brand new room in your home.

Type of Conservatory - Edwardian


With its classic and clean lines, the Edwardian conservatory style is very popular. It offers an ideal way to maximise the space in your home. 

Conservatory - Gable End


A Gable End conservatory adds real style to your home. It is square or rectangular in shape and provides you with maximum space.

Conservatory - Victorian


A Victorian conservatory is inspired by beautiful English design. It is adaptable to any building shape, making it the perfect choice.

Type of Conservatory - Lean-To


The Lean-To conservatory is a popular choice for many homes. Its simple and clean lines are perfectly suited for the modern style home.

Type of Conservatory - Edwardian double


The Edwardian Double conservatory is adaptable to any home. Whether you live in a house or bungalow, height restrictions are not a problem.

Type of Conservatory - P Shape


A P-Shaped conservatory is named after its shape. It combines elements of a Lean-To conservatory with a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory.

Our conservatory roofs are customisable, meaning you can have the style and colour of your choice. Your newly created living space can then be used as a chill area, family lounge, games room, dining area and so much more.

How do I customise my conservatory?

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